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If a user is spamming the server with various actions within a specified time the user will be kicked.


This indicates what operating system users are connected with.
Currently there are 4 symbols:


When a bot joins your channel, a Low-BW channel is created automatically for those with limited bandwidth.
Even if you locally mute a bot, the data from it will be received anyway. To avoid this a linked channel is created where users can still hear each other but bots are not allowed to "speak" via ACL.
Useful for users with mobile connections.

Message forwarder

Talking about linked channels. It would be nice to forward text chat messages across linked channels. ;)


If you post a link to a youtube video, the server provides the title of that video.

Supported MumbleModerator commands

Set Status



Quick start guide

There is a lot more to know. Send a bot .help to receive more information.